Homeless in Holywood

Aniseed is delighted to announce that well-known British actor and star villain in many-a-Hollywood movie Steven Berkoff (Beverly Hills Cop, Octopussy, Rambo) is joining the early celebrity pioneers who exhibit and sell their work virtually. Uniquely however, Steven is selling both signed physical versions of the photographs alongside a digital version of the work. Steven’s collection of 30 photographs “Homeless in Hollywood” will be exhibited in real life and also the metaverse from 11th April and all physical photographs will be signed and digitally twinned to a non-fungible token (NFT).

Speaking about the photographs in the exhibition, Steven said his intention was to capture the true soul of people who wander the streets of Venice Beach in Los Angeles; homeless but who feel, who entertain, who make you cry all without makeup, cosmetic surgery and fake tans which so often defines the city of dreams.

Photographer: Steven Berkoff

Impact: 10% of the proceeds of this NFT will be donated to NGO’s working on the ground in Ukraine