Environmental Management Conservation Trust

Environmental Management Conservation Trust
New Rhino Orphange - Part of the Rhino Club
South Africa

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We are creating a new and unique baby Rhino Orphanage in South Africa!

EMCT is a non-governmental organization (NGO) established and registered in South Africa in 2017 with the sole objective of successfully combating Poaching and concurrently restocking areas of critically endangered species. i.e. Black Rhino. The rhino programme is to reintroduce and re-establish the black indigenous rhino species back into areas of South Africa where they now no longer exist. A three-phase approach was to be used to achieve this objective:

Phase: 1 Collection and rearing
Phase: 2 Breeding programme
Phase: 3 Release to former habitat



Through sound conservation principles and acceptable international best practices, introduce/reintroduce black rhinos into safe and appropriate habitats for breeding and range expansion while ensuring their viability and conservation value for communities and future generations. Phase 1 - Dealing with various National Parks and private game farms where BR are orphaned (through poaching or otherwise). Phase 2 - Kindergarten Stage. the calves or sub adults are transported by air to a nearby airfield and from there by road (40) kilometres to the very isolated facility (purposely) as part of the Security Umbrella. Phase 3 - After the required period (depending on age and health) the young will be moved to an Intensive Protection Zone. This is and will be, protected by EMCT in our normal operational guise. i.e. The strategy of Early Detection and Rapid Reaction, we employ across the Southern African region where we operate. Supported by Helicopters, Light fixed recc aircraft (Microlights), men and tracker dogs. NOTE : All land that the rhino will be on, will be wholly owned by ourselves or a donor. There is no chance of losing the land to a local bandit.

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