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  • 12 Month Carbon Offset

    Meet Oakie one of ten unique ‘Happy Tree’ Offset NFT’s, and our first Annual Offset NFT. The purchase of this NFT will not only support a local artist from Brazil but also offset the average carbon consumption of one individual for one year (14 tonnes).

    Impact: 12 months carbon offset
    Creator: Neto Robatto, Brazil

    Please note that the carbon credits will be retired in the name of Aniseed Digital Ltd and only applies to the initial purchase of the NFT, therefore if it is resold there is no new offset.

  • Baby Rhino

    This is a limited edition Baby Rhino that will help contribute to the creation of a new Rhino orphanage in South Africa – the first of its kind. A full collection will be created for the project but the first 100 supporters of this project will receive special additional benefits including:

    • Exclusive access to the project online
    • A unique 3D NFT once all 100 are sold
    • The chance to win a trip to the project or to name a baby Rhino
    • and much more
  • Black Rhino

    For each NFT sold, you will help support the WWF’s Climate Crisis Fund. Your support of the Climate Crisis Fund helps vital projects that will help fight climate change and help save our one shared home.

    Creator: Creator: Trevor Henry, UK
    Impact of NFT could be one of (at discretion of WWF): 100 seedlings to plant trees in areas that have been destroyed, and restore our life-giving forests. Buying the equipment needed to replant seagrass in UK coastal waters and restore marine habitats. Funding training for communities in the Amazon, so they can better monitor and protect the rainforests and wildlife around them.
    Percentage of NFT to WWF: 80%


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  • Jaguar

    For each NFT sold, you will help support the Rainforest Trust Conservation Action Fund. The fund fights to protect forests, keep carbon stored and create a healthier future for our planet and all who rely on it.

    Scarcity: Only 3,500 Jaguars remain in the wild
    Habitat: Primarily South American jungle
    Threats: Deforestation, prey reduction

    Creator: Creator: Neto Robatto, Brazil
    Impact of NFT:20 acres of rainforest preserved
    Percentage of NFT to Rainforest Trust: 90%

  • Ocean Protection

    The purchase of this NFT helps keep plastic out of the oceans as well as supporting the communities that collect the plastic.

    Creator: Cristian Liu, Cuba
    Impact: Prevent 50 plastic bottles from entering the ocean
    Percentage: 90%


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    ImpactOcean Preservation