The Devil – Homeless in Hollywood by Steven Berkoff

The Devil – Homeless in Hollywood by Steven Berkoff

Digital art and NFTs began to take off in 2021 and are on a path to becoming integral to a new generation of artists looking to create and sell their art.  Sotheby’s already has its own dedicated platform selling NFTs of art created by crypto artists to digital collectors and rival Christie’s has already chalked up over $100 million in NFT sales.

Steven said: “At first, I had no idea of what the metaverse was and NFTs were a mystery, but I was approached about putting my photographs into a virtual exhibition and asked if I would be willing to join the meta revolution.  Having studied it, I became excited by this new way of selling art. I saw singers and actors like William Shatner, selling NFTs of personal items or their creations and thought – yes”.


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