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  • The Devil – Homeless in Hollywood by Steven Berkoff

    Digital art and NFTs began to take off in 2021 and are on a path to becoming integral to a new generation of artists looking to create and sell their art.  Sotheby’s already has its own dedicated platform selling NFTs of art created by crypto artists to digital collectors and rival Christie’s has already chalked up over $100 million in NFT sales.

    Steven said: “At first, I had no idea of what the metaverse was and NFTs were a mystery, but I was approached about putting my photographs into a virtual exhibition and asked if I would be willing to join the meta revolution.  Having studied it, I became excited by this new way of selling art. I saw singers and actors like William Shatner, selling NFTs of personal items or their creations and thought – yes”.

    ImpactRelief of poverty
  • The Wild Chromatic Life of the Cyber Wolf

    The purchase of this NFT will help contribute to the vital conservation work of Rainforest Trust UK Conservation Action Fund.

    Rainforest Trust’s Conservation Action Fund supports Rainforest Trust’s most urgent work around the world, allowing the charity to direct money where it is most urgently needed. On average, it only costs Rainforest Trust £1.60 to protect an acre of rainforest, for the benefit of endangered species, indigenous communities and the climate.

    Creator: Nikkie Amouyal, UK.
    Impact of NFT: 120 acres of rainforest preserved
    Percentage of NFT to Rainforest Trust: 50%

    ImpactForest preservation
  • VR Painting Submerged #1/10

    ‘Submerged’ is a Virtual Reality environment art directed by Kadine James and created in Tilt Brush by The Immersive Kind’s artist in residence, Lorna Inman, combining her underwater world with digital fashion and depicts Kadine Virtual Avatar wearing Digital Fashion on her digital body.

    This piece comments on how we exist in cyberspace and how we can consume digital fashion as an alternative to over consumption and landfill. It also looks at our ability to reflect on our relationship to nature, recognising our duty as consumers to understand the significant effects over consumption has on the world around us, through the misuse of natural resources and damage to the ecosystem.

    The artists are encouraging a sustainable way to explore personal identity and fashion. This worldbuilding project reimagines Kadine James digital self and alter ego Kaydeen is submerged. Kaydeen is dressed in ‘Outfit 4’ from the open-source ‘Deep’ digital garment collection.

    Lorna Inman’s 3D environments often depict natural landscapes, using them as a method of expressing messages and emotions about human connection to nature, by projecting ideas on scenes through the use of colour, form and atmospheric cues. Using a software called Tilt Brush to hand-paint each scene in virtual reality, the illusion of presence in the space offers a place to exist and reflect.

    The piece is accompanied by a bespoke track designed by Sound Designer and Composer Jack Hyde. This imagined soundscape is layered with underwater recordings, synthesised aquatic pings and deep knocks.

    Creator: Kadine James, UK
    Impact: 20% to Plastic Bank to help prevent up to 10,000kg of plastic ending up in the ocean.*

    *While every effort has been made to ensure the exact impact of each NFT sale, the exact impact may vary.


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  • Woman

    The purchase of this NFT will directly fund a full-semester scholarship for young women from low-income background in Nigeria.

    Wavecrest College of Hospitality (Lagos) and Lantana College of Hospitality (Enugu) help women to find their independence by giving them the experience they need to support themselves and their families financially and to look for fulfilment in their daily lives. Students at the colleges go on to secure well-paid jobs in the hotel, tourism and catering industries, or to start their own businesses with the skills that they have learnt.

    Creator: Ayomee, Nigeria
    Impact of NFT collection: 50 scholarships
    Percentage of NFT to WONDER Foundation: 90%

  • Young Elephant

    One in four elephants alive in 2007 has since been killed

    We know elephants and their landscapes can be valuable long into the future. But they must be protected today from urgent threats like poaching or poorly planned development. The purchase of this NFT will help go towards the protection of these magnificent animals.

    This image now belongs to Aniseed who will transfer to the buyer the full image rights to this photo.

    Photographer: Martyn Bowen, image rights will belong to the NFT buyer.
    Impact: The preservation of Elephants in Africa