Introducing Aniseed, the world’s first charity NFT marketplace. With the growing popularity of NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens), there is a real opportunity for individuals and organisations who are focused on charity and social good to incorporate this cutting edge technology into their wider approach to fundraising. The potential for NFT’s in this space is vast, allowing both the charities and investors to better connect with the issues they support and provide real value to a wide range of stakeholders.

Aniseed works with charities to facilitate the creation of rare unique digital assets that in some cases even represent real world flora and fauna.

What is Aniseed?

Aniseed is a blockchain based digital asset ecosystem created and powered by Aniseed Digital Ltd. The purpose of the platform is to allow users to “tokenise” rare, unique and tangible items in a secure manner. Examples of such “tangible assets” include unique representations of native flora and fauna, rare specimens, and historical artifacts.

With the growing popularity of NFT’s crossing over from the crypto space into mainstream awareness, there is increasing demand for these digital assets, many of which are unique. NFT technology hasn’t even scratched the surface in terms of the potential use cases. One interesting facet that really hasn’t been explored is how NFT’s can provide a unique and tradable product for Charities and Not-for-Profit organisations, especially those who are working to preserve our remaining habitats.

How are Aniseed NFTs used?

Aniseed NFT platform provide access to tangible, rare and valuable assets. There is a clear path to development, value and supply on the Aniseed platform, and this, along with the creation of those digital assets and their trading, enables a new crypto asset class that many charities will find useful and relevant.

NFTs can be used by individuals, as well as organisations and institutions who want to facilitate the acquisition, trade and rights of rare, valuable and extraordinary assets.

Could this become an efficient and cost-effective way for charities to raise funds? Certainly, Aniseed encourages charities to become involved in the exchange of unique digital assets in the creation of an ecosystem to better support the projects, causes and even local artists in affected areas they support.

Aniseed was formed in response to a need for charities to be able to plug into this exciting opportunity. The Aniseed marketplace will enable a wide range of organisations to participate in the creation of rare unique digital assets and the funds raised from the sale or trade of these assets will in turn support a wide range of charities. The NFT’s created, purchased and traded will generate revenue which will go directly to the organisations responsible for the preservation and protection of these increasingly rare iconic animals, plants and places. Aniseed have built in ongoing benefits for charities also with a percentage from any trade or resale being allocated to the original beneficiary.

Aniseed and Charities:

Aniseed’s NFT Marketplace will provide local and global charities with an opportunity to tap into the growing demand for NFT’s and the unique nature of the NFT’s will in turn provide an opportunity for collectors and supporters to own a valuable piece of history all while supporting some very worthy causes.

NFPOs benefit from Aniseed by raising money for charities that aim to inspire young people to grow and learn about the natural world and assist youth to develop their abilities, confidence and compassion. The charity aspect of the Aniseed initiative has given us the perfect opportunity to explore the interesting ways in which investors can use new blockchain technologies for good.

Aniseed and non-profit organizations:

Non-profit organizations or charities, in general, can be at the forefront of blockchain and cryptocurrency projects and should not be excluded from the market due to their lack of knowledge or technical expertise. Aniseed will make it easy for these organisations to tap into crypto.


Like it or not, charities now need to become technologically savvy. Digital assets, in particular, are becoming increasingly important because they allow the modern user to represent the charitable cause with his/her own physical product. This is why we believe that The Aniseed NFT Marketplace will create a sustainable source of funding for charities and NFPOs. These unique digital assets will create revenue for NFPOs and charities to create, manage, exchange and sell. 

If you would like to learn more or are interested in investing in rare and unique NFT’s while also generating a significant positive impact, please visit and register your details.